Denise Aubrey
The woman behind it all

Denise runs a full-service interior design firm out of Gilbert, Arizona with her team.
She and her team specialize in high-end residential and commercial projects. From new construction to complete remodels as well as furniture and styling design, she walks her clients through every step of the process.

From start to finish:




"I was tired of wasting my time and money buying lots of things that I liked but didn’t know how to showcase in my home that felt right. I will never forget sitting with Denise and problem solving throughout my tricky remodel and feeling confident in her validating all of my decisions ....or not validating and trusting her completely. Obviously, her intuition and expertise in her field absolutely paid off. My beautiful home truly reflects my personal style right along with Denise’s amazing touches! She makes the team work, and the dream work!" - Christina Frost

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"My favorite moment or moments is when she finished a couple of the rooms for me and I would walk in and look at it for the first time. I am always completely blown away! She’s the best out there." - Kathleen

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“My wife and I recently had a custom home built for our family of six. Initially we thought between the two of us we had a enough desire and good taste to do the design work ourselves. It did not take long for us to realize that although we had an eye for nice looking things, we had no ability to pull it off. We got Denise Aubrey and her team involved and we could not be more happy with the product and look we received! I’m confident in the end by having Denise Aubrey involved we saved money by avoiding mistakes and not having to redo things. We definitely ended up with the look and feel we wanted.”
Paul & Kara

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Ready to create something beautiful?

If you love your space but it needs a makeover, then accessing the full design services of Denise Aubrey Design is the package for you.

During the client consultation with Denise, the vision and understanding of the space will be realized. Denise will create and present a plan to achieve your dream. Denise and her team will guide the project from start to finish, allowing clients to enjoy the process without the stress.