The Denise Aubrey Design Process: From Consultation to Completion

The journey to a beautifully designed space is a process filled with creativity, collaboration, and careful planning. For Denise Aubrey, every project is a journey, and she is there every step of the way, guiding her clients from the initial consultation to the project’s completion.

The Consultation: Understanding the Vision

Every project begins with a consultation. This is where Denise sits down with her clients to understand their vision for the space. Whether they want a complete transformation or a few key changes, Denise listens attentively, providing her professional input where necessary.

The Design Process: Turning Visions into Reality

After the consultation, Denise sets to work, translating her clients’ visions into tangible design plans. She considers everything from the color palette and furniture layout to the lighting and accessories. Throughout this stage, she maintains open communication with her clients, ensuring their ideas and preferences are central to the design process.

Completion: Bringing the Design to Life

The final stage involves bringing the design to life. Denise and her team meticulously arrange every piece of furniture, hang every artwork, and place every accessory, ensuring everything is perfect down to the last detail. This stage is where the vision becomes a reality.


With Denise Aubrey, interior design is more than just creating beautiful spaces. It’s about understanding her clients’ visions, turning these visions into a design plan, and finally, bringing this plan to life.