The Inspirational Journey of Denise Aubrey: A Natural Eye for Design

When it comes to home design, few possess the innate talent and passion that Denise Aubrey brings to the table. Raised in a family that owned a residential construction business, Denise has always been surrounded by homes at all stages of construction. 


From an early age, she found herself working with contractors and felt completely at home on a job site. But it was as she grew older and began to explore the world of design that she truly found her calling. Buying and selling homes offered her a canvas to experiment and refine her natural eye for design.


Raising a family of four took her on a different path for a while, but it didn’t extinguish her passion for design. Now, with her family almost raised, Denise has fully embraced her love for design, creating her own design team, and pursuing her passion wholeheartedly. 


Denise’s journey is an inspiration to budding designers and homeowners alike, proving that it’s never too late to follow your passion and create something truly remarkable. Stay tuned to our blog for more stories about Denise and her extraordinary design projects.