How to Modernize Your Outdated Home

Everything you have ever bought is going to get old at some point. Your car is going to get old. So will your clothes, shoes, and even the device you are reading this article on. The problem with things getting old is they often become less useful and have to be changed.

How To Modernize Your Outdated Home

Replacing old stuff with newer versions is possible with most of your possessions but not all of them. Like everything you own, your home will get old. But even if it does, you just can’t swap your fading home for a spanking new one. Nor should you have to.

Unlike other things you own, your home’s usefulness is not significantly diminished by its age, points out Taylor Street Management. An older home is just as useful as a new one. The main challenge you will face with a home that is getting old is its dated aesthetics and clunky appliances.

But these are easily changed. With a little TLC, time, and money, you can pull the oldest home from its obsolete past into the modern era. All you need is the willingness to let go of the old and experiment with new ways of designing your home.


If this is something you think you can do, this short guide on how to modernize an outdated home will help you get started.


Tips for modernizing your old home

How To Modernize Your Outdated Home

  • Declutter your home

Most old homes are cluttered; this comes from years of buying stuff without getting rid of old ones. Clutter will make it hard to see your home’s finest features. Getting rid of clutter creates a clean canvas. You can see the home with fresh eyes and make better design choices.

  • Perform a deep clean

Dirt will make your home look older than it really is. This refers mostly to ingrained dirt on walls, floors, surfaces, and fabrics. Deep cleaning your home will be easier once you have gotten rid of items that eat up space and make parts of the home hard to reach. 

  • Repaint your home and selected items

The easiest and least expensive way to give your home a facelift is to repaint it. Paint fades over time and can give your home a worn look. To make the most of new paint, choose lighter shades. For the exterior, choose a color like blue, to stand out nicely.

In addition to painting interior and exterior walls, you may want to repaint some of your furniture. Items made of wood and hardwood floors will benefit from a new coat of polish. Repainting the front door and fence will make them blend with your new exterior paint.

How To Modernize Your Outdated Home

  • Install modern lighting and switches

Older lighting may not provide sufficient illumination and will often leave rooms dark, cramped, and uninviting. Replace those with new modern lighting. But your first focus should be to maximize the amount of natural light entering your home. Layer your new lighting – ambient, accent, and task – to get the best results.

  • Replace or rearrange your furniture

If you have bulky furniture with old colors and outdated prints, you should replace them. You should also rearrange your furniture to maximize airflow and create space. Do this with every room in the house. You can make most rooms look more spacious by simply getting rid of large items and rearranging what is left.

  • Upgrade your appliances

Modern appliances take up less space. They have more functions and consume less energy. The design of old appliances will continue to give your home an outdated look. If your appliances still work and you don’t want to spend on new ones, repaint your old appliances to make them look modern.


  • Upgrade your window treatment

Windows determine the amount of natural light your home gets. They should be clean and appealing. Repaint your windows, if necessary, and replace the window dressing. In place of your old curtains and blinds, opt for new and minimalist designs that will allow more light into rooms.


  • Update your kitchen cabinets and countertops

If the cabinets are still in good shape, all you need is a facelift. Refacing or repainting functional cabinets will make them as good as new. Also, replace the cabinet hardware to complete the new look. To upgrade countertops, replace tile and laminate with stainless steel or natural stone.

Choose colors that are modern and inviting for the bathroom. Replace worn or dirty tile grout and install new lighting. Replace plumbing fixtures, install a rainfall showerhead with multiple flow settings and water-saving faucets. Replace, reface, or repaint the cabinet and change its hardware.

  • Touchup the exterior

Remove trees, tree branches, and shrubs that are crowding out the landscaping. Inject vitality into your yard by introducing some hardscaping features. Install new solar lighting to illuminate the landscaping at night and highlight its best features. Clean the roof, gutters, and downspout and repair any damage to these structures. Repaint your garage doors and give your driveway a thorough wash.


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