Welcome to our first blog post!

Like all good stories, let’s start at the very beginning… (after all, it’s your story we are trying to tell).
For the most part, our first contact with a client comes as an inquiry about the services we offer and how those services can help them achieve their goal.

What Does An Interior Designer Do… And Should I Hire One?

The most common reasons potential clients come to us are listed below.

Do you see your situation in any of these scenarios?

1. You are busy and simply don’t have the time.
2. You have a vision for your home but aren’t quite sure how to bring it all together.
3. You want a second opinion.
4. You want someone who will help you find the most practical and cost-effective options for your home.
5. You want your spaces to be more functional.
6. You are tired of buying and returning because something simply didn’t work.

Let us be your guide:
You may be looking to renovate a particular space in your home or are ready to start new construction; either way, we are here to help. If your space needs help, we are experts at handling everything from floor to ceiling, from home furnishings to window treatments.Although we are not a general contractor and do not handle construction, we do provide 3D renderings and floor planning services to be executed by your preferred contractor or builder.

Our job is to design a functional space and select all the materials for that space. We are passionate about creating spaces that are comfortable, yet sophisticated. While we may have a special branding to how we design, we always are inspired most by our clients’ lifestyle. This means we take time to listen to how you live and function to create the perfect space just for you.

What Does An Interior Designer Do… And Should I Hire One?

What do I do as an interior designer?

First, I listen. Our team will work with you the whole way, gathering your likes and dislikes, so we can create the perfect home for you. Sometimes it’s hard to even know where to start. By understanding your space, your needs and your timeline, our team can help prioritize projects into an order that allows us to design and coordinate your home into a captivating mix of color, structure, and space.

Ultimately, as an interior designer it is my goal to make the design process an enjoyable journey.

Having another set of experienced eyes helps you realize the potential of your space in a creative and efficient way. Having an expert interior designer involved in the process of designing your space as early as possible helps ensure proper planning and execution in bringing your space to life.

**Disclaimer: As an interior design firm, we offer experience in designing and putting together your home. It will take time and financial resources, depending on what you want and need. Sometimes people are simply not ready to hire an interior designer. If that is the case, we recommend you look at Pinterest and follow our future blog posts for inspiration. When the time is right, we look forward to helping you identify and bring your vision to life.